How to avoid frost damage in the closed cooling tower in winter?

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        The closed cooling tower uses water as the circulating solvent. If there is no good protection measures, it is easy to be frozen in the cold winter. So, how to avoid frost damage in the closed cooling tower equipment in winter? Today, the editor will explain to you the methods of protective measures.
        Measure 1: If the equipment is operated in winter and the flow is not large, if conditions permit, a pool or water tank can be designed under the cooling tower. The return water from the equipment can directly flow into the water tank or pool to reduce the possibility of freezing and cracking in the water tank of the equipment; the equipment pipeline should be insulated Deal with, if the equipment is in the northeast or other colder counterparts, the pipeline is longer and intermittently running, and electric heating should be added to the pipeline.
        Measure 2: Add electric heaters to the water tank of the closed cooling tower, and set up temperature control facilities, and set the start and stop of the heater; if the cooling tower fills and the periphery of the wind window are frozen, the fan must be reversed, and the steam pipe can be added regularly to accommodate the conditions. ice.
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