How do we choose a countercurrent square open cooling tower?

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       The principle of the open cooling tower is to spray circulating water on the glass fiber filler, through the contact of water and air, to achieve heat exchange, and then a fan drives the airflow in the tower to circulate, which will exchange heat with water. The hot air flow is brought out to achieve cooling.
       The countercurrent square open cooling tower is a kind of equipment where water is filled in the tower, the water flows from top to bottom, and the air flows from bottom to top. The two flow in opposite directions. The product has good thermal performance and is divided into three cooling sections:
       1. In the space from the water distributor to the top of the filler, the water temperature in this section is relatively high, so the heat can still be transferred to the air.
       2. Filling water and air heat exchange section.
       3. Filling to the water spraying section of the sump space, where the water is called "tail effect".
       In the north, the water temperature can drop by 1-2°C. In summary, the counter-current square open cooling tower has a small packing volume, a reasonable heat exchange process and high cooling efficiency. The water distribution system is not easy to be blocked, the water filling is kept clean and not easy to age, the moisture backflow is small, and the antifreeze and deicing measures are easy. Multiple units can be designed in combination. In winter, the required water temperature and quantity can be combined for single operation or all equipment can be shut down. The construction, installation and maintenance are easy, and the cost is low. It is commonly used in air conditioning and industrial large and medium cooling circulating water.