Several issues that should be paid attention to when using closed cooling towers

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       When companies use closed cooling towers, they often overlook some operational details, causing some unnecessary troubles. Here are seven issues that should be paid attention to when it is used for cooling.
       1. The selection of the outdoor switching temperature point of the closed cooling tower cooling mode is directly related to the cooling hours of the system. Assuming that the required water humidity at the end of the air conditioner is 12.7℃ after calculation, and considering the heat loss of equipment, pipes and heat exchangers to increase the water temperature by 4.5℃, the outdoor wet bulb temperature can be equal to or lower than It can be switched to equipment cooling mode at 8.2℃.
       2. After the equipment in the system is selected based on the summer cooling load and summer outdoor wet bulb temperature calculation, its cooling capacity in the closed cooling tower cooling mode should also be checked.
       3. In the indirect cooling system, the heat exchanger should be a plate heat exchanger. Compared with traditional shell-and-tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers have better heat exchange capabilities.
       4. In the direct cooling system, the chilled water pump in the cooling water loop should be bypassed. When the equipment is in cooling mode, the chilled water pump is closed, and the chilled water pump passes through the cooling water. At this time, the circulating water power is provided by the cooling water pump. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the conversion of cooling pumps during system design.
        5. In the design of the direct cooling system, attention should be paid to the sterilization and filtration of the cooling water to prevent the end coil from being blocked.
       6. Considering that the equipment cooling range (the difference between the equipment outlet water temperature and the outdoor wet bulb temperature) under a specific outdoor wet bulb temperature and building load decreases with the increase of the cooling filler size, so multiple sets of equipment systems can be used in series closed type The method of equipment to increase the cooling effect, increase the outdoor conversion temperature of the equipment cooling mode, thereby increasing the cooling hours.
       7. Since closed cooling towers are mainly operated in winter during the filtering season, anti-freezing facilities should be installed in the cooling water system in areas with low winter temperatures, such as bypass pipes and additional heaters.