How do we arrange the installation environment of the composite flow closed cooling tower

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       In some chemical plants, you usually see the compound flow closed cooling tower, which shows that it is used more and more occasions. Of course, its pre-installation and use equipment need to be safe in advance. So, how to arrange its installation site?
       1. Ventilation of the site.
       When installing a composite flow closed cooling tower, attention should be paid to whether the surrounding environment is ventilated. This is mainly because it must be installed indoors. Good ventilation conditions provide the basic premise for the equipment. However, if the ventilation is poor, especially if the indoor ventilation conditions are not good, and the heat dissipation is poor, you need to add some ventilation equipment, such as air ducts to improve ventilation.
       2. The actual size of the space.
       The so-called large space occasions means that the composite flow closed cooling tower requires a device in a place with a relatively large space, and at least the surrounding sealed space has the function of four meters in length and width, so that the space can make the equipment have good use conditions. Of course, if the device is installed in an outdoor space, then no other parts or equipment should appear within three or four meters around them. As long as this is the case, the equipment can work well.
       From this point of view, in addition to focusing on the use and maintenance methods of the device, the installation site should be checked in advance, which is a prerequisite for whether they can work normally.
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