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  • Compound flow closed cooling tower

    Compound flow closed cooling tower


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    Composite flow closed cooling tower structure and cooling principle
    Composite flow closed cooling tower
    The basic operating principle of a closed cooling tower is as follows:
    The circulation of the working medium required by the customer. The hot medium flows from the upper coil inlet through the inside of the heat exchange coil, dissipates the heat to the outside air and spray water through the wall of the heat exchange coil, and then flows from the lower part after being cooled. Out of the coil outlet;
    The cooled medium required by the customer flows inside the coil and has no contact with the outside, which can ensure the clean state of the medium to meet the good working condition of the strict system;
    The external circulating water is sprayed from the bottom of the equipment to the outer surface of the coil by a special low-lift and large-flow water pump through the upper water distribution system to ensure full coverage, enhance heat exchange, and effectively control the possibility of scaling;
    Both the lower side and the top of the unit are equipped with air inlets. The fresh cold air from the outside enters the equipment, passes through the surface of the coil and the filler, and vaporizes part of the spray water. The water has a large latent heat of vaporization, which can effectively exchange the circulating water inside the coil. And the heat of the spray water flowing through the filler from the outside is finally discharged through the fan.
    Heat exchange coil
    For heat exchange, what is needed is the heat exchange area. With sufficient heat exchange area, this will be a guarantee for the heat exchange effect; the heat exchange coil is made of copper tubes, and the pressure is 1.6Mpa after three times during the production process. Rigorous testing.
    Thermal filler
    Adopt brand-new PVC filler, without adding recycled materials.
    Excellent ventilators and air ducts
    The cooling fan of the closed cooling tower adopts a special fan for the airfoil hollow axial flow cooling tower made of aluminum alloy. The angle of the fan can be adjusted according to the equipment. The fan as a whole will not be disassembled after high-strength dynamic balance and static balance tests. Before assembling to the cooling tower, check the static balance again to ensure reliable performance. The blades are made of hollow aluminum alloy, and the central hub is made of high-strength steel plates. The fan has sufficient strength when rotating at high speed. The streamlined blades of the wing reduce the noise of the fan while ensuring sufficient air volume and pressure. The air duct adopts a modeling design to effectively improve the efficiency of the fan. It is made of galvanized steel. The air duct makes full use of the theory of gas flow field homogenization, and is designed in combination with engineering practice experience and measured data. The inner wall curve adopts an elliptic curve and a straight line. Compared with the natural diffusion type air duct, the air duct eliminates the phenomenon of air flow separation, reduces the vortex area, and greatly reduces the area of ​​the negative pressure zone at the center of the air duct. The wind speed distribution at the air outlet section tends to be uniform. After actual application testing, The kinetic energy recovery value of the air cylinder is large.
    The axial fan is installed on the top of the cooling tower. The bracket of the fan is fixed on the frame of the cooling tower box to make it integrated, the structure is firm, and it is conducive to later disassembly, replacement, overhaul and maintenance.
    Electric motor
    It adopts outdoor fully enclosed motors (including fans and pump motors), with protection class IP55 and insulation class: F. Fuel-free maintenance, high reliability, and long trouble-free operation time.
    Water pump
    Due to the special requirements of the closed cooling tower itself, TBT adopts a special low-lift, large-flow water pump, which can still maintain a small power consumption while ensuring sufficient and large spray water volume, which improves the effect of the equipment. The pump motor is an outdoor design, and the protection level reaches IP55. The water pump adopts mechanical seal, which has strong wear resistance and long life. The lowest point of the water pump is equipped with a plug drain port, which is convenient for shutting down and draining, and prevents the volute from freezing and cracking due to water storage in winter.