Compound flow closed

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Compound flow closed cooling tower

Advantages of composite flow closed cooling tower:
1. There will be no clogging, scaling, or loss.
2. The equipment runs reliably and stably, with few failures.
3. Fully enclosed, so there will be no pollution.
4. It is convenient to operate, and can run in multiple modes, and can automatically switch modes.
5. Its operating cost is low and it is widely used.
The working principle of composite flow closed cooling tower:
The working fluid (water, oil or other liquid) flows in the coil, and the outer wall of the coil is wrapped by spray water. The heat of the fluid is transferred through the pipe wall and saturates with water and air. The heat is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan. In the process of circulation, the water spray reduces the temperature through the PVC heat sink, and flows in the same direction as the fresh air. The coil mainly relies on the heat conduction method of damp heat. The working principle of the composite flow closed cooling tower is to suppress the outer wall of the coil as much as possible. Scale formation.

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