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    Air-cooled water chiller


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    Marine FD industrial chillers have a variety of specifications. The refrigeration range is from 1HP to 180HP. It is small in size, high in energy efficiency, beautiful in appearance, and widely used. It is suitable for food preservation processing, building materials, electroplating, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. While improving the production efficiency of the machine, it reduces the chance of defective products due to temperature discomfort, and improves the quality and output of the products. The chiller is made of compressors and electronic control components, which are safe, reliable, and durable, and will bring you satisfactory returns.

    The cooling evaporator adopts shell and tube type, and the condenser adopts forced air cooling or shell and tube type, which has good heat exchange effect and is easy to clean; the unit is equipped with thermal expansion valve, motor overload protector, high and low pressure protector, high pressure safety valve, etc. The protection device and the perfect combination of various parts provide a guarantee for the unit to perform its function. The chilled water outlet temperature range of the chiller: 7℃~20℃, and the low temperature unit can reach -15℃. In addition to standard finalized products, our company can also manufacture chillers that meet various special requirements according to customers' wishes, and provide auxiliary equipment such as chillers, water pumps, and system engineering design, installation and maintenance services.