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    Cross-flow closed cooling tower structure and cooling principle

    Cross flow closed cooling tower
    The basic operating principle of a closed cooling tower is as follows:
    The circulation of the working medium required by the customer. The hot medium flows from the upper coil inlet through the inside of the heat exchange coil, dissipates the heat to the outside air and spray water through the wall of the heat exchange coil, and then flows from the lower part after being cooled. Out of the coil outlet;
    The cooled medium required by the customer flows inside the coil and has no contact with the outside, which can ensure the clean state of the medium to meet the good working condition of the strict system;
    The external circulating water is sprayed from the bottom of the equipment to the outer surface of the coil from the low-lift and large-flow water pump through the upper water distribution system to ensure full coverage, enhance heat exchange, and effectively control the possibility of scale formation;
    There are air inlets on both sides or one side of the lower part of the unit. The fresh cold air from outside enters the equipment, passes through the surface of the coil and the filler, and vaporizes part of the spray water. The latent heat of vaporization of the water is very large, which can effectively exchange out the internal circulation of the coil. The water and the heat of the spray water flowing through the filler from the outside are finally discharged through the fan.
    Heat exchange coil
    For heat exchange, what is needed first is the heat exchange area. With sufficient heat exchange area, this will be a guarantee of the heat exchange effect; the heat exchange coil is made of copper tubes, and the pressure is 1.6 after three times in the production process. Strict testing of Mpa.
    Heat dissipation material (filler)
    Use PVC packing. It is not allowed to add recycled materials.
    Excellent ventilators and air ducts
    The cooling fan of the closed cooling tower adopts a special fan for the airfoil hollow axial flow cooling tower made of aluminum alloy. The angle of the fan can be adjusted according to the equipment. The fan as a whole will not be disassembled after high-strength dynamic balance and static balance tests. Before assembling to the cooling tower, check the static balance again to ensure reliable performance. The blades are made of hollow aluminum alloy and the central hub is made of high-strength steel plates. The fan has sufficient strength when rotating at high speed. The streamlined blades of the wing reduce the noise of the fan while ensuring sufficient air volume and pressure. The air duct adopts a modeling design to effectively improve the efficiency of the fan. It is made of galvanized steel. The air duct makes full use of the theory of gas flow field homogenization, and is designed in combination with engineering practice experience and measured data. The inner wall curve adopts an elliptic curve and a straight line. Compared with the natural diffusion type air duct, the air duct eliminates the phenomenon of air flow separation, reduces the vortex area, and greatly reduces the area of ​​the negative pressure zone at the center of the air duct. The wind speed distribution at the air outlet section tends to be uniform. After actual application testing, The kinetic energy recovery value of the air cylinder is large.
    The axial fan is installed on the top of the cooling tower. The bracket of the fan is fixed on the frame of the cooling tower box to make it integrated, the structure is firm, and it is conducive to later disassembly, replacement, overhaul and maintenance.
    Electric motor
    It adopts outdoor fully enclosed motors (including fans and water pump motors), with a protection level of IP55, no refueling maintenance, high reliability, and long trouble-free operation.
    Skills requirement:
    1) Insulation class: Class F;
    2) Protection level: IP55;
    3) Power conditions: 380V/50Hz;
    Water pump
    Due to the special requirements of the closed cooling tower itself, the use of low-lift, large-flow water pumps can still maintain a small power consumption while ensuring sufficient and large spray water volume, which improves the effect of the equipment. The pump motor is an outdoor design, and the protection level reaches IP55. The water pump adopts mechanical seal, which has strong wear resistance and long life. The low point of the water pump is provided with a plugged drain port, which is convenient for stopping and draining, and prevents the volute from freezing and cracking due to water storage in winter.
    Spray water system
    Under the premise of ensuring sufficient water volume, the spray water system can also ensure the uniformity of spray water and ensure the heat transfer performance of the equipment. The spray pipe is evenly arranged with large-caliber nozzles, which are not easy to be blocked. The large flow of spray water provided by a special spray water pump ensures that the spray evenly covers the entire heat exchange coil.
    In the design, the main pipe and the lower part of the branch pipe are equipped with sprinklers to prevent water accumulation in the pipeline during shutdown and sludge precipitation during operation, so that there is no sludge precipitation in the water distribution pipeline. The end of the sprinkler pipe is blocked by a DN100 large-diameter silk mouth pipe. It is easy to open, avoiding the trouble of manual cleaning of the water distribution pipeline.
    This scheme adopts the downward spraying method. The large-caliber threaded anti-loosening nozzle is used for water distribution. The nozzle is made of special nylon and has strong low temperature resistance. The nozzle and the water distribution pipe are connected by thread, which has high strength and long service life. The nozzle distributes water evenly, has a wide range of pressure adaptation, and is not easy to block.
    Advantages of main configuration of cross-flow closed cooling tower
    1. Heat exchanger-excellent performance
    FB series closed cooling tower adopts improved heat exchanger. The heat exchange coil is optimized on the traditional basis, which can effectively reduce the air-side resistance and adapt to a larger amount of spray water; due to the increase in the pipe spacing, the number of heat exchange tubes per unit volume is increased, and the heat exchange area is increased. Thermal efficiency is improved. The working fluid in the pipe flowing downward and the air outside the pipe flowing upward have a good heat exchange effect. The entire heat exchanger is composed of one or more coil groups, surrounded by steel frame boxes, which is strong and durable.
    2. Tower structure-stable and durable
    FB series closed cooling towers are good in performance, appearance, and configuration. No matter in terms of performance or price, Ocean Cooling is your friendly cooperative enterprise!
    3. Transmission device-reliable operation
    The fan adopts airfoil-shaped hollow aluminum alloy blades, and the fan is driven by triple belt pulleys, with low noise, large air volume, and stable operation. It has been balanced and corrected before leaving the factory to ensure its stability.
    4. Spray device-ideal for water distribution
    The spray pipe adopts UPVC pipe material, which is light in weight, small in water flow resistance and corrosion resistant. Excellent ABS nozzle, even spraying, high flow coefficient, non-clogging, easy to replace. The use of large-flow and low-lift water pump, outdoor motor F-class insulation, IP55 stainless steel filter screen can effectively isolate debris, low-level water pump suction port to ensure smooth water suction, the entire pump device runs smoothly and reliably, easy to maintain.
    5. Water collection device-the floating water is minimal
    The water collection device adopts a PVC water collection device, and the floating water is so low that people can't perceive it and can be ignored. Light weight, non-corrosive, oxygen index greater than 40, good flame retardant performance. It can also be made of stainless steel according to user needs.
    6. Maintenance and management-simple and easy
    The components of the entire tower are professionally designed, reasonable in structure, excellent in material, well-made, stable and reliable for long-term continuous operation, low failure rate of the cooling tower, and maintenance can be reduced to a minimum. In order to facilitate the necessary maintenance, an inspection ladder and an inspection port are set up. All shutters with anti-sunlight and splash-proof functions can be disassembled and assembled at will to facilitate entry into the tower from the upper and lower parts of the tower.