Cross flow closed

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Cross flow closed

The scope of application of cross flow closed cooling tower:
The closed cooling tower fan adopts a quiet large blade fan, which makes the noise at the air outlet of the cooling tower low. A gravity pool type water distribution is adopted. The spray water enters the pool-type seeding basin, and then passes through the spray head under the action of gravity, and sprays the heat exchange filler below the middle and the heat exchanger of the closed cooling tower. After passing through the heat exchanger, it naturally flows into the bottom water collecting pan. Therefore, the ZXZ-H series cross-flow closed cooling tower has lower noise than the counter-flow closed cooling tower. There is no sound of water dripping into the drip tray. Cross-flow closed cooling towers can be assembled side by side, and have a smaller footprint compared with counter-flow cooling towers. Therefore, the cross-flow closed cooling tower is suitable for occasions with high noise requirements and small floor space.
Characteristics of cross flow closed cooling tower:
(1) Thoroughly eliminate the harm caused by debris and scale in the cooling water system: the softened cooling water circulates in a closed circuit in the system and does not directly contact the external environment, preventing floating objects, dust, harmful ions, etc. from entering the cooling water The system does not accumulate to cause efficiency reduction, dirty failure, etc.
(2) The use of the heat exchanger simplifies the installation and replacement of the coil: A. The connection between the heat exchanger coil and the header adopts a flange connection, which completely simplifies the installation and disassembly of the heat exchanger coil. . B. The heat exchanger adopts a three-dimensional tilt to solve the problem of poor drainage and residual.
(3) The optimized layout of heat exchanger and packing makes maintenance and maintenance convenient: the optimized layout of heat exchanger and high-performance packing makes the maintenance and cleaning of heat exchange coil and packing simple and convenient.
(4) The use of the fan further improves the performance: the fan blades are made by integral steel mold pressure casting and undergo a strict dynamic balance test, the exhaust capacity is improved, and the running noise is further reduced.
(5) Internalization of spray piping: The spray piping is installed inside the cooling tower, eliminating the need for external piping, making the tower beautiful and reducing on-site piping costs.

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