How to ensure the service life of the closed cooling tower?

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      If the closed cooling tower is used for a long time, it will have more impact on their service life. In fact, it must be maintained and cleaned during the actual use process. From the current situation, it is basically There are also some different usage standards on the above. For a simple example, in most cases, the cooling water contains calcium or some other ions, but when the cooling water passes through the metal surface, a certain amount of carbon will be formed. Salt, in addition, when the cooling water is dissolved, it will cause corrosion and rust of some metals. Because it has different usage standards after corrosion or rust, the heat transfer effect of the equipment is gradually decreasing. In this case, if it is more serious, then the cooling water must be sprayed on the surface of the shell. When the dirt is serious, they may even become clogged, and the final heat transfer effect will disappear.
      According to the current research data on fluid cooling towers, fouling will actually have a significant impact on heat loss. The increase in deposits may lead to an increase in energy costs. Even a very thin layer will increase more than 4% of the operating cost of the equipment, generally speaking, there will be an increase in the efficiency of each mineral in the cooling pipeline, and the better it can save energy, extend the service life of the equipment, and thus save the production cost of the entire equipment.
       While these closed cooling towers are actually used, there will be different traditional methods of use, but they must be operated by professional personnel so that wastewater can be treated.
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