What does the cooling capacity of a closed cooling tower have to do with?

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       According to the cooling capacity and water spraying capacity of the closed cooling tower, it can be grasped that the cooling capacity is changed with the water spraying capacity. Therefore, the working capacity of the equipment continues to expand, and the actual cooling effect will be good. When the cooling capacity of the equipment, After a certain high value, the flow of self-injection water expands again, and the upward development trend of the cooling capacity is slowly and slowly, so it will remain at a peak, so it can be seen that the self-injection is not more As much as possible, within a specific range of cooling capacity, a moderate increase in the flow of water from the spray can increase the cooling capacity.
       Because of the excessive amount of sprinkling water, it is not easy to cause great harm to the cooling capacity. In addition, the expansion of the self-spraying water flow will obviously increase the frictional resistance of the gas side. The next thing is the electricity consumption of the centrifugal fan. The amount will also expand, the flow of self-spraying water will decrease, and the cooling capacity will decrease. However, when it is reduced to a certain value, the amount of sprayed water will be weakened by the cooling capacity.
       Therefore, when designing the closed cooling tower, the manufacturer must select the appropriate cooling capacity and circulating system water flow. In the specific refrigeration motor selection, customers can develop the cooling capacity and water flow according to the specific situation. Expense budget. In most cases, the standard deviation is more consistent with the specific detection value. Because the daily gas humidity value will be different, it will allow a specific category of error.
       In the same time, it can bring a large amount of refrigerating self-spraying water, reducing the working pressure of water vapor around the refrigeration fan coil, ensuring the volatilization and endothermic reaction of the self-spraying water afterwards, but the total gas flow is not the larger. The better, the higher the efficiency is when the closed cooling tower has greater cooling capacity. Therefore, in the whole process of applying the cooling tower, it must be adjusted in accordance with the relevant regulations and specific conditions. Obtain the desired practical results of the application.
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