When using a counterflow closed cooling tower, consider its management issues

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        The appropriateness of the daily application of the counterflow closed cooling tower directly affects its service life. So we should learn more about what problems need to be paid attention to when using it.
        1. Spare parts management:
        (1) Considering spare parts, the interchangeability utilization rate of spare parts will increase;
        (2) Spare parts must be complete to enable normal equipment maintenance;
        (3) More and more new technologies are used.
        2. Operation management:
        The countercurrent closed cooling tower is undergoing equipment transformation, and the performance level of the equipment continues to rise.
        (1) Clear and abundant water is in the equipment;
        (2) The equipment should be a specific management, establish files, record operations, and make records;
        (3) The newly installed or reinstalled equipment must be checked before operation;
        (4) To keep the equipment clean and do a safety inspection;
        (5) Check regularly to avoid failure of the countercurrent closed cooling tower.