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Choose the motor and the company's large-chord arc, low-speed, high-volume, high-strength aluminum alloy silent fan, cooling tower water inlet sprinkler, additional protective cover, water inlet voltage stabilization silencer, and filler air inlet with diversion honeycomb holes .
The bearings used in the transmission are NSK or NTN standard bearings, which have a long service life and are not easy to be damaged; the belt uses a Japanese Samsung high-strength V-belt, which has high strength, wear resistance and long life.
The filler adopts the test results, and the process is formed by the anti-ultraviolet and chemical corrosion resistant PVC vacuum blister. The size of the single sheet can be 2400mm×1250mm. After assembly, the overall rigidity is good, the wind resistance is low, and the thermal performance is good.
The steel frame is made of angle steel and channel steel, which has high strength and good durability; and all steel supports have undergone strict hot-dip galvanizing treatment, which has good anti-corrosion effect and prolongs the service life of the cooling tower.