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Countercurrent closed cooling tower

Operation principle of countercurrent closed cooling tower:
Divided into three parts of the loop:
1. Primary side heat exchange cycle: When the circulating hot water on the primary side (outer circulation) flows through the coil of the closed cooling tower, it is divided into four stages for heat transfer: a. The heat flow of the first heated solution is transferred through convection heat transfer To the inner surface of the coil; b. Heat conduction through the tube wall to the outer surface of the coil; c. Convective heat transfer from the outer surface of the coil to the water film flowing outside the tube, from the water film to the air by evaporation and convection heat transfer .
2. The secondary side pre-cooling cycle: the tertiary side (self-circulation) spray water is pumped from the lower water pan of the cooling tower to the water distribution system by the spray water pump. After being sprayed onto the radiating material by the dispersing head, it exchanges latent heat and sensible heat with the air, and then flows to the coil group after pre-cooling, forming a stable water film on the outer wall of the tube. It absorbs the heat transferred from the medium in the tube, and finally returns to In the water pan, this cycle is endless.
3. Air circulation: The fan sucks the unsaturated air outside the cooling tower into the tower, and the air flows through the coil, the heat sink and the spray water on the secondary side to exchange latent heat and sensible heat to absorb heat, and then pass through a special water baffle. Carry out gas-water separation, and discharge the nearly saturated humid air out of the tower.

Through the above three cycles and four-stage heat exchange, the closed cooling tower cools the secondary heat-carrying solution to the required temperature to send it back to the system to maintain its normal operation.

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