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Countercurrent closed cooling tower

Features of countercurrent closed cooling tower:
1. Compact structure: The counter-current tower has a compact structure and a large coil heat dissipation area, which is suitable for cooling projects with small temperature differences.
2. Overall system: Because the cooling tower occupies a small area, after adding a circulating water pump, it can be made into an all-in-one machine, which is convenient to move.
3. Scope of application: Since the tower is compact and can be placed in the workshop, the cooling of the intermediate frequency power supply and the cooling of the mechanical water jacket are more suitable; it is especially suitable for projects with small temperature differences, such as the cooling of water source heat pump units.
Advantages of countercurrent closed cooling tower:
1. The circulating water of the closed cooling tower usually adopts soft water closed circulation, which can effectively prevent the damage to the equipment caused by the scale generated in the tower or in the user equipment during long-term use.
2. The closed cooling tower is more suitable for use in areas where water resources are scarce because it uses a fully enclosed internal circulation and a dehydration device.
3. The closed cooling tower can control the starting number of fans according to the temperature, and the opening and closing of the spray pump, and can also install a regulating valve to control the flow.
4. The closed cooling tower will not be polluted through the fully enclosed internal circuit circulating water and can be used continuously. The spray water has relatively little evaporation, which protects the environment.
5. Long service life: Metal materials are used to improve the anti-corrosion ability, and the later maintenance and cost are lower.