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    The evaporative condenser is a device that absorbs the heat of the high-temperature gas refrigerant in the coil when the spray water outside the coil is partially evaporated, so that the refrigerant in the tube is gradually cooled from gas to liquid.

    The difference between an evaporative condenser and a closed cooling tower is that the cooling medium in the tube has a phase change. It is a compact heat exchanger that combines air cooling, water cooling and cooling. It mainly relies on the latent heat of evaporation of the spray water outside the tube. Take away heat, because it reduces one heat exchange link, it has the characteristics of water saving.

    The closed cooling tower is derived from the industrial evaporative cooler, which is a name relative to the open cooling tower. As an indirect contact cooling tower, the filler of the ordinary cooling tower is replaced by the heat exchange coil group; The objects are mainly applications that require high cooling water cleanliness or cooling water temperature control accuracy, which are not suitable for ordinary open cooling towers. Since its heat transfer mechanism is the same as that of industrial evaporative coolers and serves similar objects, essentially, evaporative coolers/closed cooling towers are just two different names for the same type of equipment.
    The structure and characteristics of the evaporative condenser:
    The equipment uses the water film on the outside of the pipe to evaporate, and cools and condenses the working fluid in the pipe through mass and heat transfer. At the same time, it is equipped with cooling equipment, with high average flow rate and high performance. The size of the equipment is reduced, the power of the machine is reduced, the energy consumption of the refrigeration device is reduced, and the operating cost is low.
    Scope of application:
    The evaporative condenser is suitable for the vapor refrigeration system of medium temperature refrigerant, widely used in the fields of chemical industry, medicine, beer, food construction, etc., suitable for places with water shortage.
    Technical process of evaporative condenser:
    Electronic descaling instrument: The electronic descaling instrument configured at the water outlet uses electronic pulse technology to descale and descale the circulating water, sterilize and kill algae. You only need to switch on the 220V power supply to perform the circulating water Treatment effectively avoids the formation of dirt on the surface of the coil and the packing.